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Welcome! Historiana was the brainchild of the lovely Lady Sara [missmartyn], born of a need for a history community dominated neither by boys nor seriousness. Being of similar disposition to her, in the belief that history should not be all work and no play, she enlisted Miranda [miranda_k] and Sarah [leandergasped] as her Lieutenant Generals, if you will.

We were rather underwhelmed by many of the historical communities out there on LiveJournal, where anything less than an essay followed by a heated and humourless debate about why the poster is 'wrong', was greeted by either no comments whatsoever or someone trying to turn it into another debate. Thus, Historiana is a place for others like us to come and frolic with the past, a haven from those communities where everything is serious and deep. By all means, we love good articles and debates, but we also love to have a good swoon over Mr Darcy and a *SQUEE* over the costumes in the latest period drama or film.

Please join & post in fearless abundance! An introduction isn't demanded of you, but we would love if you did do one, even if it's just your name and favourite period of history. If you have any problems just drop one of the mods a note in their personal journal :)


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Promote us and we'll give you metaphorical pie!
But please do not hotlink ;)


01. Any racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism et cetera, will not be tolerated. Acts of this kind will lead to exclusion.
02. No inappropriate material. For example, a painting such as Manet's Olympia is perfectly acceptable, porn is not.
03. Please try to keep swear words to a minimum, there is more often than not, a better way to phrase it.
04. Remain polite, friendly and respectable to your fellow community members.
05. A well-mannered debate is more than welcome.
06. Large or multiple pictures behind an LJ-cut please!
07. No text speak. Not everyone is a writer nor a grammatical genius, but everyone can write legibly if not eloquently.
08. Spamming and constant promotion of other communities is rude. Members may promote any communities they genuinely think our members would be interested in, however anything deemed inappropriate will be removed.
09. Be nice or leave ;)



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